Boat Repair

Expert boat repair experience in:

  • classic wooden boat resorations
  • multi-hull
  • fiberglass/composites
  • paint shop
  • can accommodate large multi-hull vessels

Some of our larger repair projects:






  • 1926 John Alden Q schooner 1926 John Alden Q schooner
    Rebuild decks, 1926 Alden Q schooner
  • repair 1926 John Alden Q schooner repair 1926 John Alden Q schooner
    Replaced deck beams, glassed hull, 1926 Alden Q schooner
1926 John Alden Q class
52' mono  

1986: Glassed the bottom using the "Vaitses" method.

1991: Replaced deck beams & installed teak deck.

2000: Reframed forward, put 3 layers of diagonal fir veneer on the topsides.

  • Sebago day sail charter Sebago day sail charter
    45' Sebago converted to day charter boat
Greene racing design
45' cat 1988 1984 race boat converted to U.S. Coast Guard certified Day Charter boat, installed engines.
  • ATN racing sailboat ATN racing sailboat
    40' ATN racing sailboat
Greene racing design
40' tri 2004 Walter Greene racing design built in 1986. Won her class in 1992 OSTAR. Built a larger cabin & cockpit, new crossarms, daggerboard & rudder.
  • Herreshoff Rozinante Herreshoff Rozinante
    Rebuild, Herreshoff Rozinante
Herreshoff Rozinante
28' mono



Reframed, Garboards

New keel,
New keel bolts,
New floors,
Four strakes,
Floor bolts,
Outer stem,
Outer stern stem

  • 1933 William Hand power sailboat 1933 William Hand power sailboat
    1933 William Hand motorsailor rebuild
William Hand
1933 William Hand motorsailor
62' power boat 2006-09 Replaced deck beams & installed new teak deck, new house sides & new scuttles.
Replaced the stem, the transom & of the topside planking.
Upgraded systems.
New paint & varnish on exterior & interior.
more photos
  • repair Condor 40 repair Condor 40
    Re-cored Condor 40
Condor 40
40' tri 2007 Replaced balsa core in amas with GRP foam
  • repair Simpson Lawrence trimaran repair Simpson Lawrence trimaran
    Repaired trimaran Ama Kama
Ama Kama
Simpson Lawrence design
40' tri 2008 Replaced windows,
Opened up & reinforced main bulkhead for easier access to the head,
Replaced rotten sections of plywood deck,
Repaired delaminated fiberglass,
Repaired leaks,
New paint on deck & cabin house sides
  • repair damaged Horstman trimaran repair damaged Horstman trimaran
    Repair 40' Lone Star after it washed ashore
Lone Star
Ed Horstman design
40' tri 2008 Boat washed ashore;
Repaired damaged rudder, main hull bottom, starboard ama bottom & topsides, systems repairs.
  • repair Crowther catamaran repair Crowther catamaran
    42' catamaran repair
Crowther 42
42' cat 2010 Repaired aft beam,
Replaced windows,
Built new daggerboards,
Repaired small leaks,
New paint on decks, crossarms & hulls,
System repairs
  • repair trimaran Chris White repair trimaran Chris White
    Repair 40' Kachina, replaced windows & hatches, repaint
Chris White design
40' tri 2012 Repaired bulkhead in ama, crossarm fairings, ama transom, & rotten plywood in cockpit,
Glassed cockpit,
Replaced cockpit hatches,
Straightened out wiring,
Reinforced & installed new polycarbonate windows on dodger,
Painted cockpit & decks white
  • ocean racing trimaran ocean racing trimaran
    35' Friends, ocean racing trimaran
Greene 35
35' tri 2012 Repaired rotten area in aft crossarm fairing,
Added larger fuel & water tanks for cruising,
New paint exterior, interior & mast.
  Wings #2
Designed by previous owner
30' tri 2013 Assembled boat, which arrived from Canada in pieces,
Repaired bulkhead in ama,
Replaced plywood in topsides,
Reconfigured cockpit.
  • maintenance repairs, paint job performance cruising trimaran
    38' Scout, performance cruising trimaran
Greene 37
35' tri 2013 Maintenance repairs, complete exterior paint job.
  • repair catamaran Heavenly Twins repair catamaran Heavenly Twins
    Repair catamaran after it washed ashore
Heavenly Twins cat
cat 2013 Boat washed ashore; built new fir & spruce keels, glassed with bi-directional glass, & installed.